Organize your time, not just your things…

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Often when we think of organizing we think of all of our stuff neatly put in place, by color, size, or type, and while that is a part of it, it’s more than that. It’s about getting your time back.

How many minutes, if not hours, were spent searching for just a screwdriver or grandma’s recipe? Lot’s, I say! What if we spent a few

Sonia and Jeff Smokiesminutes planning and that planning helped us get some lost time back?

I did just that before my husband and I set out for our weeklong adventure in our new tiny camper to the Great Smoky Mountains!  Since we are now empty nesters (btw, my husband hates that word, and I’m not that found of it either), we don’t need to cart around tons of food, clothes, supplies. It’s just us and the open road!

HA! Yeah, right!

We still need to eat! And since we have a camper it just doesn’t seem right to eat out every meal. Plus we do like to eat somewhat healthy… somewhat.

travel menu

So today, I thought I would spend some time, sharing a simple technique I use for vacation meal planning, but really this can be applied to so much more!

First up, graph paper, post-it-notes, and a pin, okay, a ruler if you’re really OCD. That’s all you’ll need to get started!

You’re making a simple graph. On one side the days you’re going to be on vacation, across the top: breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

For us we planned on eating out once a day, while the rest would be at our campsite. Then I wrote down all the different meals. I needed roughly six lunch/dinner and three or four breakfast meals.

BAM! I’ve got a plan.

Why the post it notes you might ask? HA!

That’s the beauty of them. If our plans changed, the weather didn’t cooperate, or we got a hankering for pizza, I simply moved the post-it-notes around.

monkey bread for breakfast

Using this method also makes grocery shopping a breeze. Okay to be honest, I also bought a lot of fun snack foods that wouldn’t be good for kids, you know like smores, or flaming hot cheetos.  Did I mention we are empty nesters?!?

This plan saved us a lot of time. We knew exactly what was in our limited pantry. We didn’t have to go to the grocery store once to buy food while we were there. That time meant, lots of hiking, sightseeing, and spending time together!

So, take my simple idea and run with it.

But don’t organize your time so much that you don’t have fun!

Always have FUN!!

alum cave overlook

Want to get your house or life organized?

Then leave a commen, or drop me an email at!

I’d love to hear from you!

How Post it notes might just save your vacation




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